Opancar's daughter

About Us

Our family workshop for generations is engaged in the production of national/folk costumes and peasant shoes/opanci.

Mijomir Aleksić Kiri, who is the third generation of oppressors, also shared his love for his work with his family.

Since its founded in 1981, the Kiri continuously preserves tradition and folk costumes and opanci for the use of old crafts such as: opanci, connection, weaving, healing, abadian crafts ... If you visit our workshop, you will have the opportunity to see the production process itself.

Due to the large volume of manual work of folk costumes and opanci, we work in advance, so in our workshop we have an exhibition space where you can see a large selection of our folk costumes from different regions.

We are proud that our workshop has become synonymous for folk costumes and opanci and that our handicrafts are carried all over the world.